Mormon Women Speak Podcast: #MormonMeToo: Male Perspectives (episode 15; 314)

What is the perspective from a male survivor within the Mormon Me Too movement? Have they experienced issues of inclusivity and marginalization within the movement and community? Has the narrative surrounding ritual abuse changed with the #MormonMeToo Movement? How has their Mormon upbringing influenced in the handling of their own trauma? What do they think about toxic masculinity as it is enveloped within society and the Mormon culture? Are there aspects of the faith that have helped in their own recovery and healing? What advice do they have for our community to better support other male survivors?

Join Lesley Butterfield, as she speaks with male child sexual abuse survivors, Roger Stephenson and Jordan, along with LCSW trauma therapist, Tara-Workman Tulley. We examine the unique challenges that male abuse survivors encounter within a predominately female movement and dig into the intersections of gender, religion, and culture.

***This podcast comes with a Trigger Warning for sexual abuse, ritual abuse, child sexual abuse, and spiritual abuse.***


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Roger Stephenson: What Happened After The Testimony? 

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Mormon Women Speak Podcast: #MormonMeToo: Male Perspectives (episode 15; 314) published first on

Author: Sharion

I am a hypnotherapist turned hobo. I am using what I know of Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP to sort through ancient techniques of spiritual attainment. I focus on Christian, Buddhist and Hindu religious instruction. I seek patterns to understand better how human spirituality. The nature of the Divine is not different for Buddhists or ancient Aztecs. I am looking for patterns, and have found some interesting things.

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